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A picture of a Wisp; specifically, a Terra Wisp. Note the similar appearance to a Node.

Wisps are a hostile mob that spawn in very rare conditions, usually solely in areas where the Flux has risen too high, or in the Nether, where they spawn in decent numbers. Wisps have 11 hearts of health and deal 4 hearts of damage when unarmored by shooting a lightning-like projectile at the player. What makes Wisps special, however, is their affinity towards magic. All Wisps take on one of the 35 Aspects, reflecting this in their appearance, which seems quite akin to a visible Node when still, and in their sole drop, Wispy Essence. Wispy Essence is used in some recipes and can also be distilled into Essentia, making Wisps a useful, if not annoying, and, if under prepared, dangerous mob to hunt.