The Totem of Attraction is a research option found under the Thaumaturgy tab that becomes available for research after researching Basic Aura Manipulation. This Totem function almost identically to the Totem of Dispersal, unlocked and located in Basic Aura Manipulation, but, as the name implies, draws the desired Aspect to it, as opposed to pushing it away as the Totem of Dispersal does. This can be useful in allowing one to bring certain Aspects to an area for use, such as if one has a Crystal farm, or if one has a machine, such as the Essentia Crystallizer, that needs a specific type of Aspect to function. The Totem of Attraction can be created via Infusion by Infusing a block of Silverwood Planks with Greatwood Planks, a chest, any type of Wispy Essence, A Balanced Shard, a carrot on a stick, Salis Mundus and 1 Amber along with 25 Auram, Desiderium, Motus and Potentia Essentia. It is classified as having an Instability of Moderate.

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The Infusion recipe for the Totem of Attraction, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.