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The Infusion recipe for the Amulet of Vis, as shown in the Thaumonomicon.

Portable Vis Recharging is a research option found under the Thaumaturgy tab that becomes available for research after researching the Recharge Pedestal. Portable Vis Recharging allows for one to create the Amulet of Vis. This Amulet, when worn in the Amulet slot of the Baubles inventory, will recharge items in your hotbar, armor slots and Baubles inventory, in that order. The Amulet of Vis acts much like a portable Recharge Pedestal, but in being easier to take with oneself, it also has the drawback of not having any constraint as to how much it drains the Aura. However, if one travels frequently, this should be less a problem than were they to not. The Amulet can be useful with some Thaumic Constructs, such as the Thaumostatic Harness, helping to recharge them during their use, which helps to increase the duration of time they can be used for. The Amulet of Vis can be created by Infusing a Mundane Amulet with an Air, Earth, Water and Fire Shard and 2 Primal Charms, along with 128 Potentia and 24 Auram and Vacuos Essentia. It is classified as having High Instability.