The Magical Forest is a, as the name suggests, magic biome added by Thaumcraft. Magical Forests are relatively abundant in the overworld, but cannot be found in any other dimension. This biome is similar to most forests, having a canopy less dense than that of a roofed forests, yet substantial nonetheless, being comprised mostly of oak trees, yet also being populated with many Silverwood and Greatwood trees. Shimmerleaf often dots the base of the frequent Silverwood trees, with the nauseating Vishroom also being of great abundance. The abundance of Greatwood trees, being quite tall, can help one identify this biome from afar, but the blue-green hue of the leaves and ground of this biome make it hard for anyone but the novice to mistake. Being heavily canopied as it is, monsters can often survive in this biome even at the peak of day, meaning that caution should be taken if the night has been spent in the area of a Magical Forest. However, apart from the arguably less favorable Eerie biome, the Magical Forest is the only place where the Pech can spawn. Being frequented by so many Silverwood trees, there is often also an abundance of Pure Nodes, and, as a result of thereof, an abundance of most, if not all, types of Primal Vis. Because of the otherwise relatively difficult to obtain magical flora, the presence of the Pech, and number of Pure Nodes, it can be advised to create one's base either near or in a Magical Forest, or to at least create a research outpost in the vicinity of one, as the large amounts of Vis and purifying Nodes present can help reduce the chance of Flux building up in the Aura.