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The Infusion recipe for the Boots of the Traveler.

The Boots of the Traveler is both a research option that becomes available for research after researching Infusion along with being a type of footwear. The Boots have 351 points of durability and provide 1 point of armor. Their main strength, however, lies in their ability to reduce ones fall damage and increase their speed significantly, both on land and in water. The numbers for both of these will be shown below. They can be created, however, by Infusing a pair of leather boots with any type of fish, a feather, two Air Shards and 2 pieces of Enchanted Fabric, along with 25 Motus and Volatus Essentia. It is classified as having an Negligible Instability.



On land, they increase, without any enchantments, the user's movement speed to approximately 7 blocks per second while walking and approximately 8.3 blocks per second while sprinting, as opposed to the norm of 4.3 and 5.6 blocks per second respectively. This translates to approximately a 63.7% and 48.2% increase in speed respectively. In water, they increase the players movement speed to approximately 3.6 blocks per second walking under still water and approximately 3 blocks per second skimming the surface of the water, as opposed to the norm of 1.92 and 2.2 blocks per second respectively. This translates to approximately a 87.5% and 36.3% increase in speed respectively.

Speed (Blocks per Second Normal With Boots Increase Percent Increase
Land (Walking) 4.3 7 2.7 63.7%
Land (Sprinting 5.6 8.3 2.7 48.2%
Water (Surface) 2.2 3 .8 36.3%
Water (Standing) 1.92 3.6 1.68 87.5%

Fall Damage

Wearing the Boots of the Traveler help to greatly reduce fall damage. They increase the minimum fall to take damage from 3.5 blocks to 7 blocks and the maximum fall damage before death, with 10 hearts, from 23.5 to 31 blocks.

Damage 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >20
<7 x
7 x
8 x
9 x
10 x
11 x
12 x
13 x
14 x
15 x
16 x
17 x
18 x
19 x
20 x
21 x
22 x
23 x
24 x
25 x
26 x
27 x
28 x
29 x
30 x
>30 x


All research done on the effects of the boots was undergone by myself, Trentin996, while all the standards they were compared against came from the Minecraft wiki - the Transportation page in specific.

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